About Us

Emanuel Klein as founder of EMCO GROUP LLC has a vast background in loan modification and debt restructuring. He is a master short sale negotiator, with a record of over $10,000,000 worth of short sale real estate. Emanuel has many years of experience in the sales industry and has been very heavily involved in real estate for the past couple of years. His tactful skill in competing in the distressed market while getting the properties at prices well below market cost are both commendable as well as astonishing. Emanuel works directly with the REO brokers and asset management companies. Emanuel brings a “hands on approach” to the group, making sure to inspect and go down to each of the properties to secure EMCO’s inventory and investors capital.

Alan Tokarski attended Hunter College and graduated with his BS in Medical Laboratory Sciences managed a blood bank in a busy community hospital, while starting a network marketing business with his wife Shari.

Together they built their business to the Emerald level with over 1000 distributors worldwide and generated a business volume of over $5 million dollars annually. Coordinated and managed monthly seminars, training sessions, and promotional contests for sales representatives. Served as a public speaker for motivational training seminars.

Alan is credited with helping to fund Mazel Capital Services 77 wells which amounted to approximately $23,760,000. He served for 3 years as the President of Mazel Capital Services.